Orthopedic Surgery

Gandy Animal Hospital offers Orthopedic Surgery Services.

If your pet injuries its limbs or digits (toes), procedures such as bone plating, pinning and/or wiring may be necessary to fix the fractured bones.

If your pet experiences a knee ligament injury (for example, a cruciate ligament tear), procedures such as a TTA (Tibial Tuberosity Advancement) or extracapsular repair may be recommended. Dislocating (luxating) knee caps (patellas) may sometimes require surgery to minimize pain and improve your pet's quality of life. If there is a problem inside a joint (severe arthritis, bone chips, etc.), surgeons may recommend arthroscopy (a tiny video camera placed inside the joint) to remove the source of your pet's pain. 

In some cases it is best to open the joint for a more thorough surgical approach. To learn more about our orthopedic surgery services and techniques, please refer to the orthopedic services category at the top of our website. 

Please call and ask our staff about which Orthopedic Services we offer or if you have additional questions.

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