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Gandy Animal Hospital has extensive knowledge and experience in addressing all aspects of pet dental health, from dental cleanings to more complicated dental surgery.

ALL of our dental procedures, including dental cleanings are performed only by our experienced veterinarians and supported by our extensively-trained veterinary technicians. We are proud of our dental knowledge and experience and our services focus on early diagnosis, client education and prevention, to help give your family pet the very best quality of life.

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Gandy Animal Hospital offers a full range of veterinary dental services for dogs, cats and certain exotics including:

  • Medical Consultations & Second Opinions
  • Dental Cleanings for Dogs & Cats
  • Digital Dental X-Ray Systems
  • Periodontal Disease Diagnosis and Treatment 
  • Oral Surgery & Disease Treatment 
  • Retained or Deciduous (Baby Teeth) Repair (Orthodontics)
  • Root Canals  
  • Crowns
  • Pet Cavities
  • Pet Jaw Fractures
  • Oral Tumors 
  • Feline Tooth Resorption
  • Stomatitis
  • Fractured Canine Teeth in Dogs & Cats 
  • Juvenile-Onset Gingivitis & Periodontitis


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