What Is Orthopedics In Pets

What is Orthopedics?

Pets that suffer from bone fractures and other trauma may require orthopedic surgery for dogs. Just as human patients have specialized surgeons and physicians to help repair and set broken bones, so do dogs. In many cases, however, the procedure can be accomplished by your regular veterinarian without the help of a specialist. Orthopedic surgery can be the single most effective way of returning your pet to normal health after he suffers from a broken bone or some other form of trauma.

Orthopedic Surgery Process

If your pet suffers from an accident or trauma that results in any visible wound, bone fracture, limping, is highly advised that your pet be brought into our office for medical examination immediately. Even if your pet doesn't display any outward signs of physical harm, the veterinarians here at Gandy Animal Hospital, can help to quickly determine whether your pet has suffered any internal injuries or other damage. If your dog has broken a bone or torn a ligament, he may require reconstructive or reparative surgery. 

Gandy Animal Hospital advises traumas or injuries requiring orthopedic surgery are done as soon as possible following an injury, so you'll need to treat your pet as quickly as possible to prevent any further pain or bone damage and to determine if there has been any internal damage that the internal organs may have suffered during the injury. Many surgeries require fasting or other preemptive measures before the procedure begins, so ensure that you follow the our instructions carefully.The duration, invasiveness and cost of the surgery depends upon the type of injury and on your dog as well. 

If you have any questions about the costs or procedures involved with orthopedic surgery for your pet, please don't hesitate to speak with one of our staff team members.

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