Laser Declawing For Felines

Gandy Animal Hospital is proud to offer laser surgery and laser declawing procedures since year 2001!

The laser surgical method provides the most humane, state-of-the-art technique for declawing cats in veterinary practice today.

Cat's scratching is a normal behavior that not only helps shed dead nails; it also provides feline

communication by depositing scent from glands between their toes on to the scratched object. While natural to the cat, we at Gandy Animal Hospital understand when behavior modification (ex: scratching posts, nail trimming, catnip, etc.) has not been effective in deterring your feline friend from using its claws inappropriately, we offer Laser Declawing as a surgical alternative. One of the top reasons for felines being abandoned or euthanized is destruction of property. We find that for pet owners that elect not to revert to these options, laser declawing is the most-effective way of immediately addressing the concerns of the pet owner, while humanely addressing the problem at hand.

Onychectomy (or more commonly called "declawing") is the term given to the surgery involving the permanent removal of the distal portion of the claw. Declawing is completed under general anesthesia. After the distal extremity of each front nail is removed, the paws are usually bandaged.

Laser Declawing offers the safest and most humane method for declawing your feline friend.

Using the CO2 laser instead of a scalpel provides surgery with a significant decrease in post-operative pain and swelling. The laser cauterizes blood vessels as it cuts and sears the nerve endings, this allows our veterinarians to perform surgery without the use of a tourniquet and no postoperative bandaging is required.

A brief post surgical stay in the veterinary hospital is often necessary in order to avoid complications. The front paws may remain sore for several weeks. We offer very effective pain management regimens to allow for post-surgical comfort and when utilizing the laser declawing method, the benefits of less bleeding and swelling from the surgical site can help lead to quicker and shorter time frames for full recovery. Combining laser technology with local nerve blocks (localized pain medication), pre and post-operative pain medication your precious feline is back to normal activities much sooner than traditional surgery with a scalpel would allow. In order to promote normal healing, special non-irritating kitty litter should be used for 2-3 weeks.

Call our office at 813-839-1285 to learn more about "Laser Declawing for Cats"  or watch the educational video about “Laser Surgery for Pets” on our site. 

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