Lapaproscopy Surgical Techniques

Laparoscopic surgical techniques such as ovariectomy and prophylactic gastropexy are gaining popularity.

Ovariectomy (spay) is a fast and simple technique. Unlike the "typical" spay (Ovariohysterectomy) where the ovaries and uterus are removed, in this procedure, only the ovaries are removed. The uterus remains inactive and poses no problem for the patient. This method of spaying has been performed in Europe for many years without problem. Ovariohysterectomy can also be performed via laparoscopy or laparoscopic-assisted method where the uterus can be exteriorized from the abdomen through a small incision and removed.

Gastric-Dilatation/Volvulus or "Bloat" is a life-threatening problem that occurs in large, deep-chested dogs such as the Great Dane. A prophylactic gastropexy is a procedure that can be performed via laparoscopy to prevent this disease from occurring.

prophylactic (preventative) gastropexy is a technique in which the stomach is tacked to the abdominal wall permanently, therefore, preventing the stomach from rotating abnormally (GDV). This procedure can be performed in dogs that are predisposed to GDV in order to prevent the disease from occurring.

Prophylactic gastropexy refers to performing the procedure before the dog has the problem. In a laparoscopic procedure, scopes and instruments are inserted into the abdomen. The stomach is grasped with forceps and pulled to the right side of the abdomen just behind the 13th rib where it is fixed to the abdominal wall using sutures .

Laparoscopy offers another way to diagnose and treat certain diseases. Its minimal invasiveness as compared to an exploratory laparotomy has many advantages which include less pain, shorter recovery time and decreased infection rate.

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