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International Health Certificates - Travel Outside of the United States 

Gandy Animal Hospital has had many years of experiences in preparing our pet owners for travel, both domestically and internationally. We have 3 staff veterinarians all USDA certified in issuing International Health Certificates and we have great relationships with many pet shipping and moving companies and organizations.

International travel often takes several months of preparation. In general, rabies-free countries have more requirements for entrance. Some countries also require a special notarization by a USDA veterinarian on the international health certificate in addition to your veterinarian’s signature.

It is important to locate the nearest USDA veterinarian who can assist you with this as the notarization process may take a few more days after your veterinarian has signed the health certificate. It is prudent to check with the foreign consulate and embassy to get specific requirements for entrance into their country.

This website can link you to most of the agencies from which you will need information:

Should you require assistance during your preparation to travel domestically or internationally with your family pet, please feel free to contact our office and speak to our experienced staff. 

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